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We are in unprecedented times. We just want you to know that we are still open for business and are working remotely to give you the same service as usual in the virtual environment.   We are eager to help you over this period and are developing some on-line products that we hope will support our clients, friends and prospective clients.  If you would like to be kept up to date on these developments please click here.


We can vouch for the fact that it is very stressful at the moment and that many of you may be finding the challenges overwhelming.  Our background in psychology, and expertise in change and resilience mean that we can offer support in many different ways.  Taylor Clarke also has experience helping people develop and lead virtual teams. We have the capability to deliver and facilitate sessions, courses, research and workshops all online. Our world class consultants and associates are able to continue to provide their inputs and deliver in an online environment with the same impact as in person.

To continue supporting our coaching clients we have invested in our own Online Coaching Platform. It replicates face to face interactions and is able to capture reflections on sessions. The purpose of using our coaching platform is to minimise any disruption to your coaching sessions.


If Taylor Clarke can help you in any way through our online solutions please contact us here or call  +44 141 221 1707. 


To help with the transition to virtual team we have also included our guide for getting the most out of remote teams below.  If you have any more tips of your own please add them to our LinkedIn post here.

We hope you and your family, friends and colleagues stay fit and well.

Take care

The Taylor Clarke Team

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